Privatni smještaj, otok Rab
Private accomodations, island of Rab
Privat unterkunft, insel Rab
Privati alloggi, isola di Rab
Rab, Hrvatska
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Mara Sušić-Načeta

Palit 234

tel. +385 (0) 51 725 755

gsm. +385 (0) 977 682 304

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We have been in the business of tourism for over thirty years now. In our offer we have an apartment for 2 persons, and 3 rooms (2 rooms for 2 persons, 1 for 3 persons, and 1 for 1 person). Our lodging capacities are located in the village of Palit, on the island of Rab, only few minutes away from the centre of Rab. .


The name of Rab is first time mentioned in the year 1446, in a foundation document of the monastery of the Holy Euphemius in the village of Kampor. The old origin word was ARB which means dark, green, wooden and was translated into the antique names Arba, Arva, Arbia. The emporer Octavian Augustus ordered to built walls for defense and fortresses to protect the city and their colonies. So the city of Arba (today Rab) became a roman municipium called “Felix Arba”. During the whole Middle Ages the town keeps his tradition of a municipium (as a roman community at the time of byzantian dominion over dalmatia, Beginning XI. Century), and 1107 her privilege was confirmed by the King Koloman. During approximately 400 years of venican domanian (til 1409), peace and wealth was established and the city was working like a community. During the long occupation of different monarchs, beginning with romans followed by the byzantian and venicians, to the hungarians and croatians, Rab was always spared out of immense devastation. As the italian normans, after a quite long occupation of the city, turning around their ships and going away after fighting, on the highest tower of the town the relics of the Holy Christopher, the protector of the city of Rab, were exhibited. Still today in Rab tradition and history is taken care of. If you for example stroll through the streets of the old town you can admire a lot of buildings of the roman style, gothic portals, baroque altars and windows of the rennaissance with wonderful ornaments. Rab is also very famous for his four bell towers. Tis is why Rab is also called the “town with the four bell towers”. The bell tower of the basilca is dominating over the city and is one of the nicest buildings of the latest romanticism.

Privatni smjestaj Mara Susic-Naceta
Privatni smjestaj Mara Susic-Naceta
Privatni smjestaj Mara Susic-Naceta
Privatni smjestaj Mara Susic-Naceta